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Sunday, October 4, 2020

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  • David Watts was great in From the Mind of the Director last Wednesday, 9/30.

  • Join us Wednesday, 10/7 for Let's Keep Playing! Safely!
  • SO YOU WANT TO PLAY?? survey deadline is Monday, 10/5 at 8pm
  • Time to turn in your red folders and music
  • Reminder on Staying Safe
  • We are still doing CLYNK!
  • Don't forget your donations
  • Volunteer Opportunities

David Watts was great in "From the Mind of the Director" last Wednesday, 9/30.

He talked about his inspiration, his history, his process, choosing band music, why he likes Russian Christmas Music and much more. Everyone who attended had a great time.

Click here, then click Play for the session recording:

With passcode: ?Zzwa.#6

(Sorry for the crazy passcode - we will soon move the recording to YouTube, where it will be easier to reach).

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Join us Wednesday, 10/7, for "Let's Keep Playing! Safely!"

Our next session is THIS WEDNESDAY at 7 pm. The topic is Let's Keep Playing! Safely! and we'll talk about how to keep your motivation up, how to stay safe, and how to find people to play with either in-person or virtually.

Join us on Zoom, Wed. 10/7 from 7pm - 8pm.

Meeting ID: 817 6631 2858

Passcode: MPCB

Please contact Linda if you have problems with Zoom.

SO YOU WANT TO PLAY?? survey deadline is Monday, 10/5 at 8pm

Thanks to all who have already participated in the last survey SO YOU WANT TO PLAY?? We have about 30 responses, but would love some more.

The deadline for the survey is Monday, 10/5 at 8pm. This will give David some time to review the information and reach out to participants before the HOW TO PLAY TODAY Zoom meeting on Wednesday, 10/7 at 7pm.

Here's the link to the survey:


This brief survey collects information that will help David plan our holiday performance. Thanks for completing it.

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Time to turn in your red folders and music

The Library Committee continues to sort and cull our vast (over 500 pieces) library. We're over halfway done and we figure it is time to collect from you your red folder and music.

To help us in filing the music, please go through your folder and:
1. Erase all pencil markings
2. Place all music with the title at the top, facing forward
3. Put music in alphabetical order.

For convenience, we have a few drop off points. Here are the people to contact for specifics:

IF you cannot make one of those locations contact Loren or Linda for arrangements to pick your music up.

We would like to have all the music before Friday, 10/16.

Reminder on Staying Safe

Just a reminder to remain diligent about masking, social distancing, and hand washing.

As tiresome as this is, Covid cases in Maine are rising - we need to continue taking care!

Group gatherings are still discouraged. As we approach holiday planning, please remain very cautious.

We are still doing CLYNK!

Contact John Kreutzberger about CLYNK bags:

I have a stock of CLYNK bags and also a stock of tags. If you still have old bags from Carla, I can send you new tags that can be placed over the old ones. Once groups of band members start meeting in person, I can arrange to have bags available for you, even if I am not attending.

Don't forget your donations

We already have commitments for about $500 of the $2,800 we need to raise for a balanced budget this year.

Please consider a tax-exempt donation to the Maine POPS of $40 to cover what would have been your dues. If you can afford more, please chip in to cover members who cannot afford it at this time.

Mail a check made out to 'Maine POPS' to Laura Merten, 72 Harbor Place, South Portland, ME 04106 or contact her at to arrange a donation by Venmo or POPmoney. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

As our season kicks off, we have a lot of opportunities for you to help the Band!

Please contact Bob Swerdlow at about:

  • Contacting our Sponsors about the season
  • Publicity for the Band during the pandemic
  • Grant opportunities for the Band during the pandemic
  • Organizing Band Shirts for new members (you'll want one for the Holiday concert!)
  • Participating on a committee, such as: Archives, Communications and Technology, Finance, Music Library, Operating Procedures, Pandemic Safety, Venues
  • Organizing one of our weekly Zoom events

Intellectual Property

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