Young Elementary

Week of September 19th

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Michael White Visit on Monday, September 19th

Michael White, a famous illustrator will be visiting Young on Monday, September 19th. Each grade level will rotate into the library to draw with him. (See schedule below) It should be a great opportunity for our students! Each student will need to bring a hard surface to write on: clipboard, white board, text book, etc. and 3 pieces of white paper and a pencil.

3rd Grade: 8:15-9:10

4th Grade: 9:10-10:05

5th Grade: 10:05-11:00

2nd Grade: 12:15-1:10

Kinder: 1:10-2:05

1st- 2:05-3:00

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  • 4th grade and Caroline Davis for posting what they are currently reading outside their door for kids to see


You can wear jeans next Thursday.....if you go check out 4th grade and Caroline Davis' current reading and post one outside your door by next Thursday.

Behavior Tips from Christi Perkins

Research shows that, behavior supports that use proactive and preventative approaches, address the underlying cause of behavior, and reinforce positive behaviors are associated with increases in academic engagement, reinforce achievement, and fewer suspensions and dropouts.

Christle, C.A., Jolivette, K. & Nelson, C.M. (2005). Breaking the school to prison pipeline: identifying school risk and protective factors for youth deliquency. United States Department of Education letter August 1, 2016

Always keep your language simple and concrete. Get your point across in as few words as possible. Typically, it’s far more effective to say “Pens down, close your journal and line up to go outside” than “It looks so nice outside. Let’s do our science lesson now. As soon as you’ve finished your writing, close your books and line up at the door. We’re going to study plants outdoors today”.

Our Challenge to you.....

The ideal ratio is to provide 5 positive interactions (e.g. friendly conversation, nonverbal acknowledgement, praise, and so forth) to every 1 negative interaction (e.g. punishment, criticism, and so forth) for each student. It is important to note that this is not just about complimenting students. Though compliments are one form of positive interaction, it is about forming positive relationships. We challenge you to reach out to every one of your students and their parents within the next week, to make positive contact. Grab a parent at dismissal and tell them something positive about their kid.

Missy Allen Training @Carson Elementary

Sept. 20th- (PK, K, SpEd) Griffith, Guerra, Allred, Stone

Sept. 21st- (1st, 2nd) Stupka, Gaskins, Drake, Williams

Sept. 22nd- (3rd, 4th) Abel, Flatt, Patterson, Broerman

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, September 19th - Illustrator Visit
  • Monday, September 19th - School Board Meeting
  • Tues, Wed. Thurs. Sept. 20th, 21st, 22nd - Missy Allen Training (See above)
  • Wednesday, September 21st - Faculty Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 21st - Community-Wide Pep Rally and Bonfire at DHS
  • Thursday, September 22nd - Karate in PE
  • Thursday, September 22nd - Tailgate Party (Click link below to sign up)
  • Friday, September 23rd - "Fly Friday" Fundraiser Kick-off