Orange County REC Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

We are starting this newsletter in order to keep all parents updated on current REC related events and news. This newsletter will include the REC schedule, Rites and Ritual Class Schedule, Student Council Updates and AKEB updates. We hope this newsletter is helpful to all of our parents. Thank you!

Here are some high level points for this year

- Importance of arriving on time 10:30 am

- Notify the teacher if you are going to be absent or tardy. Please text or email them so that they can mark attendance properly and so that you can also know what your child has missed in REC.

Importance of picking up time 2:15 pm

Rites and Ceromonies class are from 1:45pm -2:15pm .

RCC Expectations:

- Create a goal with your child's RCC teacher on what you want your child to accomplish this year.

- Practice at home with your child so that together with the teacher your child can progress each week.

- Communicate with your child's teacher during pick up each week.

- Work with RCC Lead and in having your child perform a vara in Jamat Khana this year.

See you on Saturday

Saira Sultan

Upcoming Events From ITREB USA

Continuing Education opportunities for RE Community:

“The Quest” is a program designed by ITREB USA for the adult members of the jamat. The objective of the program is to convey an understanding of the principles of the Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqah of Islam within the broader context of Islam as a whole with due regard to the diversity of traditions, customs, cultures and languages of the Ismaili Jamats worldwide.

QUEST Topic: A Personal Exploration and Journey with the Holy Qur’an
The Holy Qur'an is one of the most published and read book in the world. As Muslims, we revere it and make humble attempts to interpret and understand it. The need to understand parts of the Quran has never been as acute as it is now. Quest program is launching a new module on Qur'an titled,. In this module participants will explore selected verses of Qur’an, which are significant to Ismaili Muslims. This module has been designed to help us engage with Qur'an.

Quest GLA:

Saturday October 22nd 2:30-6:30 PM (at LAHQ)
Faculty: Alwaez Zul Khoja

REC Announcement
The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a nationally recognized community service distinction granted to students who have shown great dedication to volunteering and community service. All REC students are highly encouraged to apply for this prestigious award. There are only three months left to make your mark through PVSA, so start your application soon! For more information and application details, please reach out to your local PVSA delegate _______.

Positive Youth Development: Youth Assets
The Search Institute has identified building blocks of healthy development—known as Developmental Assets—that help young children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Each week we will post an asset from the 40 Developmental Assets. These assets are also posted on the TV monitors in most JKs. Our hope is that you will share these assets with parents, teachers and the extended REC community.

Asset of the Week:

Asset #2

Young person and parents communicate positively, and

young person is willing to seek advice from parents.

⦿Include children in household decision making. Ask your children for advice and consider their opinions.
⦿Respect your child’s viewpoints and show that you care.
⦿Spend quality time, at least one hour each week, with each of your children.

Are you prepared for disasters?

Preparing for any disaster is a two-step process which involves having a family emergency plan and a 72 hour survival kit. To help you and your families prepare, we have attached a blank family emergency plan form and guidelines on size, contents and where to procure the 72 hour survival kit (Amazon / Ready America /


OC REC Management

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HIKMA OCT 8th , 2016 after JK ceromonies

"Hikmah, a jeopardy style game that balances secular and religious education, will be played after JK ceremonies on Sat, Oct 8. Jamat is requested to attend and encourage the students. Refreshments will be provided." Come support our teams.