By: Dusty Mattox

The Cell Theory

The Cell Theory

The first two tenets were postulated in 1839, and the third was proposed by Rudolf Virchow around 1855. Royal Swedish Acedemy of Sciences was the academy began in 1853 as a learned society and still carries out a large amount of original research.

History Of Cells

Robert Hooke was the first man to make and use microscope also to give cells there name.

During the next 170 years, other scientists used microscopes to further advance their knowledge of cells. The most important discovery during that period came in 1838, when a German botanist named Matthias Schleiden suggested that all plant tissues are made of cells. Just one year later, zoologist Theodore Schwann made a similar proposal for animals. In 1858, Rudolf Virchow suggested that all cells come from preexistingcells. The ideas of these three scientists led to the creation of what is now called the cell theory. The three main aspects of the theory are: