The Republic of Singapore

Come to Singapore for a Stay BY: Laurie Alderson

everything you need to know about Singapore

Main religions:

Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu

It borders Malaysia and Indonesia

It manufactures:

oil, plastics, chemicals, energy

It is mostly flat ground with small mountains and the land covers 255 square miles (660 square KM)


4,452,000 but 1,000,000 are not citizens

Citizens are called Singaporean

The official languages are Mandarin (Chinese), English, Malay, Tamal

Their country symbol is a moon crest and five stars

The House of Parliament

Singapore is a republic country. The house of parliament makes the laws and a prime minister leads a cabinet and that cabinet carries out operations of the current government.

The citizens of Singapore choose the elected members of Parliament. Each person over the age of 21 can vote if he/she wants to.

The Current Ruler

This is the Current Ruler of The House of Parliament:

Lee Kuan Yew

This is the House of Parliament:

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Fast Facts:

• Students are expected to study hard and get good grades.

• Successful students then become members of the Singaporean workforce as adults.

• A prim minister runs the government.

• The House of Parliament makes the laws for the country.

• The climate is normally around 80 degrees F and the yearly falling of rain is about 95 inches of rain.

Hard working Singaporean student:

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