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Dunedin Elementary Family Newsletter Volume 13, Issue 6

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A Message from Your Principal….

Hello families,

I am asking for your help. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are consistently NOT getting their required minutes of iStation and their required number of DreamBox lessons completed each week. I am not sure what the obstacles are, but I would love to know if there is something we can do to support. We have made sure that every student in 3rd-5th has access to a laptop with these programs already loaded AND we have made sure that our students have WIFI in their homes. However, we are still not reaching our goals. I would like to ask you to please complete this survey to help us alleviate any issues that may be in their way:

I would also like to ask that you please have conversations with your 3rd, 4th and 5th grade children and find out how they are doing throughout the week. The expectation is that they are each getting 40 minutes on iStation and 10 lessons on DreamBox EVERY week. We really want to push them as we have moved into the last quarter of the 22-23 school, and they are working toward being on or above grade level by May. As always, please reach out if you have any questions.


Mrs. Murphy

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From the Desk of the Assistant Principal

Dear Third-Fifth Grade Families,

Testing season will be upon us soon! Our third- fifth grade students are preparing for the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST). This test is a progress monitoring system that is administered three times per year to track your student’s progress in learning the Benchmarks of Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) standards throughout this school year. The results will show how well your student has mastered the grade level content standards, and you will be provided with information about how to access the results after testing is completed.

Your student’s FAST assessments are computer-adaptive tests taken on a computer or tablet. The questions get less or more difficult depending on how a student responds. For more information on the test design, please visit If you or your student would like to interact with the online testing platform or review FAST Reading and Mathematics sample items at home, sample test materials are available at

Please also review the following policies with your student before testing:

  • Electronic Devices—Students are not permitted to have any electronic devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones, smartphones, and smartwatches, at any time during testing or during breaks (e.g., restroom), even if the devices are turned off or students do not use them. If your student is found with an electronic device or is found using Bluetooth/wireless headphones/earbuds during testing, his or her test will be invalidated.

  • Testing Rules Acknowledgment—All tests include a Testing Rules Acknowledgment that reads: “I understand the testing rules that were just read to me. If I do not follow these rules, my test score may be invalidated.” Prior to testing, test administrators read the rules to students, and students acknowledge that they understand the testing rules by clicking the box in the secure browser indicating they understand the testing rules.

  • Discussing Test Content after Testing—The last portion of the testing rules read to students before they click the box to accept the Testing Rules Acknowledgment states that because the content of all statewide assessments is secure, students may not discuss or reveal details about the test content (including test items and passages) after the test. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, or posting to social media sites. Please make sure your student understands this policy prior to testing and remind them that “discussing” test content includes any kind of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, posting to social media, or sharing online. While students may not share information about secure test content after testing, this policy is not intended to prevent students from discussing their testing experiences with their parents/families.

  • Working Independently—Students are responsible for doing their own work during the test and for protecting their answers from being seen by others. If students are caught cheating during testing, their tests will be invalidated.

Thank you for your support. We can’t wait to see how much our students have learned this year!


Tammy Killian

Assistant Principal

Title I

Dear Parents,

We would love to get your feedback on our CNA (Comprehensive Needs Assessment), Title I Budget, and our Title I Compact for the next school year. There are 2 separate survey links below.

The purpose of the compact is to foster student achievement. By signing the Parent-School-Student Compact, Dunedin Elementary, teachers, staff, parents, and students agree to work together to share the responsibility of helping students meet or exceed state, district, and school academic goals.

Our Comprehensive Needs Assessment / Parent Engagement Survey will help us determine how our school will use Title I funds and plan for family events for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Your input is greatly valued and appreciated.

For further information about Title I contact Cindy Borland at 727-738-2990 Ext. 2301 Thank you!

Title I Compact Survey in English:

Title I Compact Survey in Spanish:

CNA/Budget/Family Engagement Survey: (English and Spanish)

Presupuesto de Título I y Aportación de la Familia

Abril 2023

A las personas interesadas de Dunedin Elementary, Es hora de completar nuestra Evaluación Integral de Necesidades y Encuesta de Participación de los Padres para determinar cómo nuestra escuela usará los fondos de Título para el próximo año escolar 2023-2024. Por favor, complete la encuesta a continuación. Su aporte es muy valorado y apreciado.

Did You Know…

Dunedin Elementary School has their very own School Rewards Store. Students in Kindergarten to Fifth Grade have the opportunity to earn “Dunedin Dollars” for following our school expectations:

  1. Safety First – Displaying safe behaviors around our school campus
  2. Think, Learn, & Achieve – Trying your best during academic settings
  3. Act Kind – Students will use kind words and actions towards others.
  4. Respect Others – Students will respect others by choosing kindness, using inside voices, and being helpful.

Dunedin Dollars may then be redeemed for snacks, toys, school materials, stuffed animals, fidgets and more!

Donations: Our store always welcomes donations of new or gently used toys, promotional items, stickers, lollipops, snacks (i.e.- chips, fruit snacks). Donations can be dropped off at the front office.

Ask your child to share more information about our schoolwide reward system and Dunedin Dollars. For more information, please contact our school Behavior Specialist at or 727.738.2900 x2057

Thank you,

Nia Dillard

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Friday, April 7th, 8:45am

900 Union Street

Dunedin, FL


All Visitors…….If you are coming on campus, you must bring your ID with you every time. This includes volunteering, conferences, having lunch on Wednesdays with your child or picking your child up early.

Accidents happen . . . therefore it is suggested to put a change of clothes (including socks & underwear) in your child’s backpack and leave it there. Even older students have spills and we do not always have clothes to fit them. This will save a call home and the need for you to bring them a change of clothes.


Breakfast and lunch are free

for all Dunedin Elementary

students every day!

Carwise Award recipient - Ty'Kiese Roberts

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Carwise Award recipient - Saniya Davis

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Maria Edmonds Hispanic Achievement Award recipients: Lucas G., Brayden P., Angel C., Giselle R.

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