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This week I'll be focusing on sponsoring! Why? I want to continue to build our team with fresh stylists and this will help stablilize my business throughout the coming spring! It's a great time to sponsor new stylists! The new line, the coming sunny weather, and the excitement over a new year and new project! All of these contribute to a great start! PLUS.........

You know I LOVE a fun carrot...and there's nothing I LOVE gifting more than stunningly beautiful Tory Burch flip flops (you choose the color; $50 value).


1. Sponsor a new stylist between today and Thursday, February 28th.

2. Help your new stylist qualify for our Jump Start Quick-Start Bonus and you will win a pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops! Not only will you win these flip-flops, you'll get 3,000 Glam Getaway points and your new stylist will earn $300 in free jewelry through the Jump-Start program! (What is the Quick-Start Bonus? Book and hold 2 Trunk Shows** in your first 30 days **Trunk Show must be Jumpstart Eligible, which is defined as $300 in retail sales, 4 unique orders and a unique Hostess.)

Weekly Focus

1. Benefits of Sponsoring in February!

  • You'll be sponsoring more new Stylists, growing your team, and getting you closer to promoting to Sr. Stylist or Star! (Promote to Sr. Stylist or above, and you'll be earning yourself ANOTHER 3,000 points toward Glam Getaway!)
  • Earning 3,000 Points toward the Glam Getaway Incentives for each qualified new Stylist!

  • Amazing commissions -- double or triple your income!

  • You will be having so much more fun building your team and sharing S&D with others!

  • You'll get a cute pair of Tory Burch Flip-Flops from me to wear proudly this spring and summer!

  • Have fun sharing the opportunity and working towards earning a hot spot in Puerta Vallarta, a promotion, more income AND enjoying the most rewarding aspect of this job: helping others thrive in their life, not just live their life!

2. How?

•Jump on the Back to Basics Sponsoring call tonight at 8:30 pm EST

•Listen to the BEST SPONSORING TRAINING with VP of Training, Danielle Redner!

•Challenge yourself BIG this week! How many hostesses, friends, customers can you reach out to and offer the opportunity? Use the February Words to Say. What have you got to lose? If they so no most likely they will be flattered that you thought of them!

3. Back to the Basics (B2B)

This 4 week series of calls on the basics of our business continues TONIGHT! This is the 3rd call in the series and tonight we will learn about sponsoring! We will be taking Q&A at the end. This call continues tonight, Monday 2/11 at 8:30 to 9:00 pm EST and runs until 2/18. We will focus on Booking, Selling, and Sponsoring as well as questions you may have. In order to maintain a small group feel and discussion, we are limiting this call to 10 participants. HURYY! ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

This call is for anyone that wants to learn about how to have a consistent business by focusing on the circle of success, Book>Sell>Sponsor.

Call in number is 559.546.1000 password 1041536 Please register here!

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