Purchase Top Quality Virgin Hair

Raw Unprocessed Virgin Hair for an UNBEATABLE Price

We import Authentic VIRGIN UNPROCESSED hair from all over the World [FILIPINO, PERUVIAN, CAMBODIAN]

Why Purchase From Us!!!

Why Purchase from us?

All of our hair is 100% RAW UNPROCESSED VIRGIN HAIR. Which means that this hair has never been processed. The hair is in its most purest naturalist state and you must color it, cut ends, cut to style to match your hair. Hair comes in whatever color it comes off the donor. Which is similar to natural black or natural brown. It is cut off the donor as a ponytail then sewn onto the weft with cuticles intact to prevent tangling and shedding. There might be variations from bundle to bundle and no two bundles will ever be the same because it is not MANUFACTURED to look the same as PROCESSED beauty store hair does. Hair is guaranteed to last years if treated as your own

Our Virgin Hair

To Help Satisfy Our Customers to the Fullest. We Do Offer Refund Or Exchange with any Purchase

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