Happy Love Month

And I love you all.....

February is going to be Fabulous!

Happy happy February ladies!!! I am so so so excited for this month I can hardly stand it! First and foremost...did you see the new stylist sign up special they are doing this month?? If you think you had a potential stylist who missed out in the great Jan incentive then in fear...Feb is just as amazing!! They get the cute and $98 How Does She Do It in the new pattern and new fabric!!! So share share share and pass that along! Also, we are getting closer to Spring and of course with Valentines day and people going stir crazy in their houses and with the cold weather, Feb is a perfect month for trunk shows!! So let's do this and make February stellar!!! I have already seen our sales as a team for this month (it's only the 4th!!!) and we have like $500 or more in sales as a team already which us is exciting...plus we are now at 22 trunk shows as a team!!! 8 more and we will break a record of 30!!! Who wants to hit 30?? 35??? 40??? I do I do I do and I know you do too so let's do it! Don't have as many shows as you want??? Email people now...mention Valentines Day...mention how ladies want to get out of the house and have fun...mention maybe a free bottle of bubbly or wine to seal the deal! Want more sales??? Create a cute red stamp email and send it out to al your customers about a valentines Day!!! Let them know you can make it easy for them or for their man...every woman would love some Stella and Dot!!! If you need ideas, help, wording, email me, call me, text me or post on our Facebook page!!!

February Happenings:

--New stylist bonus of the new bag

--2 trunk shows exclusives sets to choose from until Feb 8th

--Valentines Day coming soon--shipping in time for the big day on all orders placed by Feb 8th!!!

--we are all still in our new Jump-start--all of us and it's amazing!!! You still have about 7 days to reach your QuickStart which is selling $1000 in your first 30 days--hit that and you get $200 in product credits!!! Remember you can earn a ton ton ton if product credits during this time so take advantage of it!!!!

New Team Members, Kudos, Feb Incentives!!!!!

New Team Members!

We grew our team by 6 this month....so exciting, right??? I wanted to welcome these fabulous new stylist who are going to be amazing and I am so so so proud they are a part if our team!!!!

-Georgia Livolsi

-Emily Uhland

-Shelly Aslin

-Lilianna Hunnicutt

-Julie English

-Laura Padgett

-I either know or got to meet with each of these amazing girls and I couldn't have picked better girls to be part if our team...believe me when I say we are all so so so lucky to have them!!!!

Kudos to Her Amazingness!!

These ladies were top in sales and sponsoring for the month and wow...amazing!! They also earned some amazing little gifts along the way like the Norah earrings and $100 in product credit to order even more of the new Spring Line!!!

Top 4 in Sales:

-Katie Timp-$1483.20

-Morgan Price-$1336.00

-Georgia Livolsi-$862.50

-Cecille Skeens-$838.24

Top in Sponsoring:

-Cecille Skeens-1 new stylist

-Katie Timp-1 new stylist

Cecille and Katie earned $100 in product credits for sponsoring a new stylist!

Katie and Morgan earned the new Norah earrings for having over $1000 in sales!!

Congrats ladies--so so so proud!!

February Incentives!!!

Okay ladies the most fun fun fun part....these are the incentives for the month if February!! Also look on our FB page daily for weekly and daily incentives that I also love to do!

--Book and Hold 5 trunk shows this month and get the new and fabulous print of the Hang On

--Book and hold 5+ shows and get the gorgeous Hannah chandeliers

-- Sale over $1500 this month and choose either the Devon Necklace or the Demi layering necklace!

--Sale $2000 or more and get a new Getaway Bag!!!

--Sponsor 1 new stylist this month and get the new and fabulous Mercer Wallet

--Sponsor 2 or more new stylists this month and get a new bag of your choice!! Anyone you want!!

Remember--the top 2 in sales and the most trunk shows get either a ChelseaTech Wallet or the Luxembourg Scarf!

Also ladies if our team gets 30 or more trunk shows this month as a team, you all get a little something if just 1 of those shows were yours!!