Monday Minutes

October 15, 2018

A few thoughts for this Monday morning:

1. Hopefully you had some wonderful conversations with parents this past week at conferences! My question for you today is this - how will you continue that conversation this school year with the parents of your students? How will you celebrate the success your students have? How will you involve parents when there are concerns?

2. For teachers having a full evaluation this year - we have started the observation process and are looking forward to getting into your classrooms soon! After we observe you, we will follow up with you to schedule your post-conference. Please rate yourself on the T-TESS rubric prior to the post-conference. A copy of the rubric is located in Strive. We may send you an email with a few follow-up questions between the observation and the post-conference. Thank you for responding in a timely matter to these questions!

3. For those of you not being formally observed this year, we will still continue to be in your classrooms as much as possible. Many of you have already had the opportunity to receive feedback from our new walk through form. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions about what we are observing. Please also remember that the walk through is just a snapshot of your lesson - around five minutes long.

4. Stay tuned for information coming soon about our first nine weeks assembly!

Instructional Minute

Talking chips, which I shared last week, are one way to cultivate conversation in the classroom. Structuring conversations in the form of a Socratic seminar is another way to encourage deep conversation in the classroom. An activity such as Cat and Fish is a way to introduce the concept of Socratic seminars in elementary classrooms. See the attachment to this newsletter which will guide you though the steps of Cat and Fish.

Upcoming Events

October 17 - Principal meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

October 17 - Team Leader Meeting

October 19 - Report cards go home

October 22-26 - Red Ribbon Week

October 22 - Bryan and Wendy out for training, AM

October 23 - Picture retakes

October 26 - Red Ribbon Week Assembly (3-5 8:30-9:30, K-2 9:45-10:45)

October 26 - Trunk or Treat 6:00 PM

October 26 - Book Fair begins (ends November 2nd)

October 31 - Book character dress up day

October 31 - Principal meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)