Starting From the Bottom

The Authenticity of Kaitlyn Hopkins

Starting From the Bottom

The following content on this web-page will explain part of my story,  the story of Kaitlyn Hopkins. It is a very authentic story and will elaborate on how I started from the bottom and ended up here.

My Likes

My Dislikes

Why Am I Authentic ?

I Am Authentic Because ...

Authenticity, by definition, means something of undisputed origin. So in order for me to be authentic, I need to have come from a background that totally differs from anyone around me; I need to have had life changing experiences unlike any other. I fit this criterion. I come from a pretty common middle class background but the things I have dealt with are what make me authentic. For instance, my father lives in California and the last time I saw him was when my great grandfather died. However, I have had an amazing stepfather since I was 5 years old who is an amazing person and provider. One of my favorite people in the world recently died of breast cancer and now my aunt has been diagnosed with the same thing. As stated before I love basketball, but I wasn’t always good at it. I became good when I started playing AAU in 8th grade. And now I am also going to college on a full scholarship to play basketball. So I think its pretty safe to say that I am an authentic person. The things that I have been through, the things that I have done and plan to do make me who I am … They make me authentic.  

Ending Here

My Future Plans

I plan to attend the University of Arkansas Fort Smith for 4 years and then go onto medical school to pursure becoming a pediatrician.