The San Diego County Library offers hundreds of magazines and periodicals through its eBook platform, Libby. (Not to be confused with Sora, the student eBook platform.) In order to access their digital magazine collection, you will need either a valid SDCL library card OR you can gain access by using a mobile phone number. Continue reading below for instructions on how to access their digital collection using a mobile phone number. At this time, we only recommend signing up for a SDCL eCard if you wish to access their digital magazines. We still recommend you use Sora for student eBooks.

Step 1: Libby & SDCL

Head to www.libbyapp.com

It will ask you if you have a library card with a public library. If you do, enter in the number and you'll gain instant access to that library's digital collection(s).

If you don't have a library card with SDCL or you'd like to have a separate account for school use only, choose "Not Yet", then "Find libraries nearby".

Search for and select the San Diego County Library.

Once found, choose "Yes, this is my library." and you will be taken to the Libby homepage for SDCL.

Step 2: Create an eCard with SDCL

To the right of the SDCL Libby homepage, look for "Don't have a library card?", then choose "Use my phone number".

Unfortunately, a mobile phone number is required to create a digital eCard with the SDCL. A landline will not work (I tried) as the system will send the phone number a confirmation SMS text. Sora, our eBook platform from SDCL, does NOT include magazines or periodicals at this time.

After submitting a mobile phone number, your mobile phone will receive a text from Libby/SDCL. Enter the confirmation number on Libby. It will ask for some additional details like first/last name, email address, etc. Once you are finished, click "Sign up".

Now you should have access to all of the eBooks and digital magazines available on Libby from the San Diego County Library system!

Need assistance?

Contact Mrs. Diaz for help with creating an eCard on Libby for the San Diego County Library!