Megan Huffman and Caleb Hall

The Process

Age Requirement

You must be at least 18 years or older to qualify to become a US citizen.

Live in the US

They must have lived in the US 5 years or 3 if they are married to a US citizen.

Sign a Statement

The person wanting to gain citizenship must sign the Declaration of Intention.


They must understand reading, writing, and speaking English as well as basic information about history and government.

Interview and Examination

The USCIS with hold an interview with the alien. They must show good character.

Make an Oath of Allegiance

They must attend a ceremony and pledge their oath of allegiance to the US. They must promise to be loyal to the US, follow the Constitution and perform military duties if called upon.

The Loss of Citizenship


The loss of citizenship due to fraud or deception during the naturalization process.


Choosing to give up citizenship by going to another foreign country.


Will lose citizenship when convicted for crime, which is a representation of disloyalty.

What is an illegal alien?

Those that were aliens who were refused permission to immigrate, or never applied to become a citizen due to the long process or being turned down. Sometimes people come the US as visitors but do not leave and do not gain citizenship. While others come from crossing our borders.

What is a legal alien?

One type of legal alien are resident aliens, which are people from a foreign country who have chosen to reside in the US permanently. There are also nonresident aliens who plan on coming to the US for a short period of time for specific reasons.