lynsey crouse

About wetlands

A wetland contains many types of different wetlands such as, a MARSH which has weeds and reeds. If the wetland has big trees and lots of them then it might be s SWAMP. If the soil in a wetland is a thick mat of vegetable then its probably a BOG, another type of wetland (that is not well known) is a FEN. A FEN is a type of wetland that has water below the soil. A wetland is any place where the land is wet. The soil in a wetland is mostly quicksand or "muck", and in a wetland water sticks to water. A wetland does many things for the environment such as, controlling floods, filtering water, and providing homes for wildlife to live and raise their young. Wetlands face a lot of problems, population growth is overwhelming the world, which causes more cities to be built, which destroys our wetlands. Another problem is the more natural disasters we have the less inventory nature has. If a big tornado comes through and knocks down trees, and leaves all the debris in our wetlands, because the water is soaking it all in. Then our water is polluted by the harmful items, and can't be used for human use. Some solutions to these issues could be, to give all scientists GIS permits, so that they could make decisions on wetland environments and prevent damage and pollution. Wetlands are natures home, they provide shelter, food and water. Overall, wetlands give habitats for wildlife to raise their young, and we need to protect the wetlands.
Save a Wetland...Save Ourselves!

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