The Rabaduex Reader

May 15, 2016

Texas Motor Speedway

A permission slip will be coming home in this week's Monday Message folder. It is for Texas Motor Speedway as all of OSE is returning there to hear the results of Speed to Read. We learned a lot of non-academic lessons on our trip there earlier this year --- which is why this time students are HIGHLY encouraged to wear hats and bring a draw-string bag with water and a snack. This trip doesn't cost anything but please return the permission slip ASAP!


OSE would like to provide our custodians and cafeteria staff with gift cards to show our appreciation for their hard work this year. We're asking that each student bring in at least $1 to contribute towards these. We need all contributions here by Friday. Please & thank you!


...are the things the state of Texas wants children to learn. We've covered so many in math this year and we'll spend our last few days together reviewing them all with TEKS Checks. You will see these 3-paged packets in Monday Message folders this week and next week. It's a lot to look through, but doing so will show you your student's math strengths and weaknesses. Then you can review them throughout the summer, if you'd like (the 3rd grade teachers will thank you). If you want to discuss this, or any other area, please let me know so we can schedule a chat sometime before June 2nd. However, I can't discuss placements for next year. That's because OSE is using a new computer program that generates class lists for us.

Volunteer Brunch

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