Board Meeting Highlights

May 2020 TUHSD Board of Trustee Meetings

Resolutions 19-17 and Resolution 19-18

At the May 12 meeting, the Board recognized Teacher Appreciation Week and Classified School Employees Week with Resolutions 19-17 and 19-18. Lars Christensen, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, expressed his gratitude to the teachers and counselors who many appreciate now more than ever during the stay at home orders. He also thanked the clerical staff who work from home, and those who clean and maintain campuses, deliver food, and keep our IT systems functioning at a time when we need it the most.

Next Steps for a Potential Parcel Tax

The District's current parcel tax expires in June 2022. Fully aware of the extraordinary challenges and uncertainties in the current economy, the governing board requested background information to get a sense of what level of reductions in the budget may be necessary, depending on the amount of increase in a new parcel tax. Dr. Taupier provided a report in Item 12.E. to help the trustees understand what is at stake under certain parcel tax scenarios. At the May 12 meeting, the Board discussed conducting a survey of voters to gauge support, and discussed at the May 26 meeting what amount of increase to poll over the existing tax. Given the deadlines to possibly place a measure on the November general election, the survey will be conducted in June. The Board approved a poll including three numbers: $175 or $98 increase or a straight renewal of the existing amount in a potential parcel tax with a term of 8 years.

Student Trustee Recognition

Ms. Harlander thanked the five student trustees, all of whom are graduating this year, for their service on the board. Lauren Steel from Redwood, Kara Kneafsey from Tam, Matty Darragh-Ford from Drake, Charlotte Pearson from Tamiscal, and Devona Times from San Andreas received certificates of appreciation. Ms. Loebbaka commended the students for their ongoing engagement and participation in Board discussion, especially their collaboration on crafting a new Mission Statement.

Parent Leader Volunteer Appreciation

Reporting for Tam High, Principal J. C. Farr thanked all the parent volunteers who help with running the school, especially during this challenging time. Leaders include the Tam Site Council members, PTSA Executive Board, and Tam High Foundation, especially Elaine Wilkinson for the food pantry and Sue Weinswig for ten years of volunteering. He also thanked the Athletic Boosters President Don Reed, and all of the people involved in the emergency preparedness plan.

Redwood Principal David Sondheim thanked the Site Council members, Benchwarmers, PTSA Board, and Redwood Foundation which suppports everything at Redwood, with a special shout out to RF President Judy Searles.

Kim Stiffler, Principal of Tamiscal, thanked the Tamiscal Alternative School Foundation Board for all the work they do to enhance and improve Tamiscal. She also spoke for San Andreas Principal David Luongo, to extend heartfelt thanks to parent volunteers Nelly Leray, Wayne Broadbent, and Nick Ondrejka.

Liz Seabury, Drake High School Principal, enthusiastically thanked all of the many members of the "Drake Fund." This is a "gigantic umbrella" of parent volunteers who make Drake a special place, and promote the best interests of all students.

Athletic Report and Outstanding Athletes and Coaches of the Year

Chris McCune, Athletic Coordinator, presented a report on District Athletics, including information regarding new health providers, platforms for registering athletes and coaches, scheduling systems, communication, and policy goals.

Jessica Peisch announced the Marin Athletic Foundation Athletes of the Year for Redwood High School: Eva Oppenheim and Jack Finnegan. Coach of the Year is Dave Siracusa.

Christina Amoroso announced Coach of the Year for Tamalpais High School is Ray Karter. Athletes are Samantha Sternfels and Paul Law.

Alex Chapman announced Mia Lacy and Amir Barken, student athletes of the year for Drake High School, and Coach of the Year Roy Giorgi.

Update and Impact of COVID-19 Response

Dr. Taupier reported that she is working with the Tam Federation of Teachers to develop a re-opening plan. The design model will be based on feedback from a survey, and will include work from three focus groups. The goal is to have a plan announced by the end of June. The process is complicated because of uncertainties related to COVID. Included in the plan will be a continuous distance learning leadership team and a safety team.

Ms. Harlander expressed concerns about reports of students not practicing social distancing at home, which can put others at risk.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Until further notice, Board meetings are held online, using the Zoom platform. Please see the district website for links and passwords. Public Comment can be emailed in advance of meetings at, or "raise your hand" during the Zoom meeting.

June 2, 2020: Regular Board Meeting, Public Hearing for the 2020-21 Budget

June 23, 2020: Regular Board Meeting, Adoption of the 2020-21 Budget

Tamalpais Union High School District

Superintendent: Tara Taupier, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Lars Christensen

Chief Financial Officer: Corbett Elsen

Board members: Leslie Harlander, President; Cynthia Roenisch, Clerk; Karen Loebbaka, Dan Oppenheim, and Kevin Saavedra.