EVS in Spain with Mundus Zaragoza


Mundus Association (Zaragoza) is looking for EVS volunteers 20-30 years old for a long term European Voluntary Service project which will take place from April 2018 till April 2019 in Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain). According to the volunteer´s profile they will help in different tasks related to creativity and non-formal education for youth and mobility projects.


-Young volunteers (20-30 years old) from Poland.

-Able to communicate in English or/and Spanish.

-A motivated, sociable, proactive, open-minded, tolerant, creative, self-reliant person.

-Someone who has no problems with sharing an apartment / bedroom with other volunteers.

-With competences and willingness to work in non formal education environment in contact with young people in a very multicultural environment.

-Medium/high competence in IT


1. Project P.I.E.E. (Project for integration of scholar community) in secondary schools:

P.I.E.E. (Project of Integration of School Spaces) is an educational project of extracurricular activities of the City of Zaragoza and developed by the Social Educator of the center in collaboration with the Association of Parents of Students, the Department of Extracurricular Activities and the teaching staff. The main goals of PIEE are:

- To give the young people of the neighborhood an alternative offer for their free time, making possible the coexistence with other young people and enjoying their leisure time in a creative, healthy and educational way.

- Develop habits of participation in the Center and its environment (associations, Youth Houses, Leisure Centers, sports clubs ...)

- Support students with specific problems in cooperation with the Guidance Department.

2. Youth Centers Network:

The youth center is a meeting place for young people, where they can participate in several activities, use new technologies or participate in courses and workshops of music, film, dance, artistic expression, etc. They can also simply read magazines, watch movies or listen to the radio. All a set of alternatives for leisure and youth free time. Each one of the professionals of the Youth Center organize the courses, workshops and other activities that are going to be carried out, attending also the demands of the own users of the project.

3. Mundus Association, VET mobility projects:

Mundus Association hosts over 500 youngster every year coming from all countries in Europe from different Vocational Schools to spend 1 to 3 months in Zaragoza in order to have a professional experience in Spain , monitorated by their school. Mundus manages the whole hosting process. Organizing on arrival training, mentoring meetings, offering intercultural activities and ensuring that the students have a great European experience in Spain.

The volunteers will support this projects specially in On Arrival Trainings, intercultural activities, and helping the students in their familiarization with the city of Zaragoza ( public transport, cultural offer, etc).

4. Other activities:

The volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their own personal projects and will carry out in common some activities. For example: language and culture courses for youth, the “Lingüistic Café”. Moreover, they will have the chance to be part and help in some of our workshops and event as well as in the PIEE project, the Youth Centers and the Mundus Vet Projects.


This project is founded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. The project covers:

-Travel costs (up to the limits established in Erasmus+ Guide distance calculator)

-Accommodation: you will share a flat in Zaragoza with other volunteers. It will be fully equipped (kitchen, bathrooms, washing machine, etc). It is possible that you will have to share your bedroom with other volunteer of the same sex/gender.

-Monthly food + pocket money: 250€ approx.

-Insurance (CIGNA for EVS).

-Language course (classroom and online, Spanish).


You must also send us (erasmus@asociacionmundus.com) your CV in English or Spanish and fill in this online app form.