The Month of May

Brandon and Faith

May 2015 Newsletter

So it has officially been one year since we've had these beautiful babies. We have had the privilege of watching them grow up and thrive.

Brandon is finally starting to talk. He says a few words like "baby", "bye bye", "gimme", Daddy, beep beep...and so on. He can identify well over 50 objects when asked. Brandon is running, jumping with both feet, skipping, and still loving gymnastics. He loves to eat at his new table.

Faith is growing up so fast. She finally started taking her own solo steps. She really is a happy girl, who loves to smile and laugh. She is saying a few words like Buba (short for Brandon) night night. She loves bath time, playing with the dogs and eating at the new kid table.

We are very excited about being on the road to adopting these amazing children.