Enjoy Holiday Packages in Rajasthan

(Jaisalmer Tour)

Golden City- Jaisalmer

If you are looking for a tourist place that is enclose with a different kinds of tourist attractions? The Rajasthan is surely the top place for you. There are varieties of attractions in the form of historical building, amazing natural beauty, good wildlife etc. Therefore, it will be very difficult to visit the various places in Rajasthan at a single tour. Thus, you can haunt in one of the cities of Rajasthan to visit its attraction places. Come and visit to Jaisalmer is truly excellent in this respect as the city has a number of tourist attractions within close to each other.

The Jaisalmer tour is enclosed with visits to the other attractions of the city. It is a great experience for the traveller. This Jaisalmer is also known as the "Golden City". Regarded as the western guarded to India, this is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan. Many number of tourist attractions in this city like amazing forts & palaces are one of the most famous attractions of the city. It will be an adoring experience for the tourists to visit these forts. Here the Jaisalmer fort was built at the time of 12th century by Rawal Jaisal ji it is the most famous attractions spots in this city. Holiday Packages in Rajasthan provides you the opportunity to visit this fort as well as the Jaisalmer also. Here to visit Jaisalmer the best time to visit between the months of October to March.

Major Attractions of Jaisalmer-

Jaisalmer Fort- To renew yourself from over the past galore, as you visits the forceful Jaisalmer Fort. This fort stands and gives safety over the desert scape from its 250 ft of high pole on the hill with its wall following the curve of the hills. Here the steep of cobblestone pathways leading to the royal palace passes through four gates. Sharp twists and turns make the fort unbeatable. Thus the fort has connected with five other palaces with ’jaali’ screens and dainty ’jharokhas’ – all show pieces of Jaisalmer artisans’ talent.

Jain Temples- Within the castle are the splendors Jain temple, this temple is dedicated to the Rishabdev ji, Sambhavnath ji and Parshvanath ji. Thus the Parshvanath ji temple is very old and the most amazing Jain temple. The human and animals figures are carved on the walls of its holy place and the rising arch or ’shikhar’ is crowned by an amalak and a water pot have a lotus flower.

Desert Festival- At the time of three day long festival, the Jaisalmer resound with music, colour and joy, arranging its glorious past and good culture. This is in under the full moon, and the active folk dancers way to the enchanting music. The interesting turban tying contest and Mr. Desert contest add to the zeal. Here you will enjoy a trip to sand dunes, where one can see folk musicians performing and even enjoy a camel safari.