Tips for my Facebook Friends, y'all

MsBisOnline and posting to Facebook

Be accessible to students and parents

Facebook allows you to post videos, links and resources

Not convinced that it is the right social media for you and your students or colleagues? Facebook is a great platform for collaboration and information sharing – it’s not just for teenagers! Teachers, classrooms, schools, districts, and K-12 government agencies all use Facebook everyday to share and learn from each other.

  1. The fact is, the majority of your students and their parents are probably already on Facebook
  2. Even when schools have a policy against being “friends” online, there are tools you can use that won’t violate policy
  3. Many teacher groups have a Facebook page that is used to share resources and promote conversations
  4. Despite what you may hear, there are strong privacy options that you can set up so only those that you want can access your information

Create a Fan page

To do this:

1st Create an account or log-in to your account

2nd Select the Create a page option and name it Your Class

3rd Post a message about your purpose for creating the page

Explore Teacher Pages and Fanpages

  • Fan pages eliminate the problem posed by friending students
  • Fan pages allow you to distribute blog posts, events, assignments, and more right into the “live streams” of those that “fan” your page.
  • This is better than using your personal profile because there is no need for parents or students to be your friends to get the updates, and it can really be used to develop an online community around your class or school.

Here are some examples to check out

Other Educational Sites to view

Read 100 ways to use Facebook to see how teachers are using Facebook.

Ways to use Facebook in your school

  • Post a “Tool of the Week” or “Article of the Week” on your page
  • Use the “Events” feature of Facebook to invite students or teachers to participate in events
  • Use Facebook to remind everyone of upcoming deadlines and due dates for class/school goals Communicate with students, parents, teachers or administrators

Tips from Valerie R. Burton, MEd

I am an English/Language Arts teacher who regularly integrates technology to connect with other educators, increase my productivity and my engage students.