The watsons go to Birmingham-1963

By:Christopher paul curtis Project / By:Dj Caldwell

The Watsons go Birmingham-1963

The Watsons go to Birmingham begins in Flint, Michigan, where ten-year old kenny lives with his family. Some people in the neighborhood call them the weird watsons, although kenny's older brother Byron is so tough and mean that he doesn't have to suffer the teasing that kenny often does. There little sister Joey loves to go to sunday school she's the angle. Dad is the clown he always making jokes and trying to make the family laugh. Mom is quite and very strict when it comes to a lot of things. So get ready for the watsons go to Birmingham

The main part of the story

The whole watson family is getting tired of Byron jokes and pranks. So mom and dad decided to send him ti Birmingham

Characters from the book

Parents in the watsons go to Birmingham

Wilona Watson

The mom who does not play no game she has had enough of Byron playing and getting in trouble.He has to go stay with grandma Sands for the rest of his school year

Daniel Watson

The dad he buys a ultra Glide for there brown bomber since they have to take Byron to Birmingham. To live with grandma Sands.