Jean Piaget

Biologist, Psychologist, & Scientist

What Was He Famous For?

He is known most for his epistemology studies with children, theory of cognitive development, called it genetic epistemology. He is known for identifying stages of mental development

How did his research affect psychology as a whole?

He was the first psychologist to systematically study cognitive development. He studied cognitive development with children in a series of ingenious tests. His theory of child cognitive development fundamentally changed the previous idea that adolescence were simply less intellectually confident

How did his research help people understand how people think?

With his theory of cognitive development, he concluded that we generate knowledge and meaning from a combination of experiences and our ideas. He concluded that children will take what they know and what is around them and develop knowledge through that.

He came to the conclusion that children develop a lot of knowledge on their own just watching the world they live in along with thinking over previous memories.

How did the time period he lived in affect him?

The time period that he lived in had many wars and changes. During his youth he was in the WWI era, during college he was in the great depression, when he first started stuff with psychology it was during WWII. People didn't notice and use his work until the 70's during the Vietnam war.

The time period while he was learning was a quite period in history the 20's A good time in American history. AS he progressed the time periods would have affected his studies due to what was happening in history.