Sweet pea

Queen of the night mix

How dose the plant grow?

How dose the plant grow? First it's a seed and then it keep's growing. If a plant didn't have leaves the plant's won't survive with food and produse. If we didn't have plant's we wouldn't have oxagan. If you didn't give the plant water it won't survive. The stem's support the plant. In side a flower there's stigma pollen stamen pistil and sepal ovules petal and anthen.

Plant life cycle

The plant begins as a seed and then it grows into a mature plant and the mature plant produse's new seeds. Some plant's don't produse seeds. Some lower plant's like ferms and mosses produse a different type of cells. A seed is a baby plant. Seeds can survive over the winter and even many years.

These are some sweet pea diagrams and photos.

This is my sweet pea package.

How dose the roots grow and the stem.

The stem grows out of the seed when it grows. The stem is the back bone. As the stem grows many leaves emerge on the plant. A bud is a baby flower.
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We're the flower grows and its death and if you can eat it.

The sweet pea flower grows from the jungle. When the sweet pea flower gets older and older it starts to get its death.you can not eat a sweet pea it is a wild flower but you can not eat it because you can only eat veggie plant's and fruit plant's. because the sweet pea flower they might be poiseness.