Waiting for Godot:"Lucky"

physically & verbally abused, made to work until exhaustion.

Social Construct 1:

Trait: Lucky seems to be treated like a slave.

Social Construct: The trait of him being a slave shows that he isn't economically stable. Lucky doesn't have much to support himself and tries to stay with Pozzo. Pozzo claims that Lucky is old and tired, although he still tries to prove himself to Pozzo, that being Pozzo will continue to keep him. He also wears a hose that Pozzo uses as a leash and doesn't receive a break to rest. Even though he has the right to, he refuses to just to impress Pozzo on the job. Lucky doesn't want to seem old and incapable.

Lucky is a slave which Pozzo comapres him to an animal and is known as a pig.

"Lucky" Pozzo's slave, well educated, and associated with god

Social Construct 2:

Trait: Lucky is very intelligent.

Social construct: Lucky is very well educated which makes him so intelligent. Pozzo decides to have Lucky think and they give him his hat when Lucky is required to think. He has his hat on starts to think. Lucky just starts blurting out many things which leads into his speech that he gives. In the video, Pozzo said that Lucky used to be well educated, and Lucky comes to show that he still is but doesn't have any sense of using it anymore.

Social Construct 3:

Trait: Lucky starts to tell his speech about god is in religion.

Social Construct: His speech contains of "acknowledging the existence of a personal God, one who exists outside of time and who loves us dearly and who suffers with those who are plunged into torment, it is established beyond all doubt that man, for reasons unknown, has left his labors abandoned, unfinished" which relates to god and how within time there suffering.