Home of the Hymellas

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Southern Asia between China and India.

Weather cool summers and extremely cold winters cool all year round.

Physical Characteristics and values

Ever want to play in the snow in the middle of the summer? Landlocked by other countries has the Hymellas mountain range and Mt Everest in that Mt range has couple large grass planes.

Values elders get a lot of respect guest are respect a lot. They strongly believe in Budisom.

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Language and Folk ways

Come learn a new language Langauage: Nepali

Dancing is a common folkway. Another folkway is two sided drums.A common past time is music making, The average age to get married is 18-20 years old.

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2 Subcultures

You can see the very diverse line between the mountain people and the city people. Beat boxing and artists along with skateboarding are what the city kids do vs the kids in the mountain work they help their families. Divided mountain people to intercity people.
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cultural landscape

Don;t have to worry about riding an OX to get around because they got better transportation is becoming more popular and along with that the better roads are being made. A lot more people are skateboarding and street art. Very rich grass lands that grow their food.
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Evidence of cultural Diffusion

Can you see anything made from your home county here? Western and Eastern trade has gone up and now their wearing a lot more imported goods that the ones that are domestic. Their cars are imported to from the U.S.

Evidence Of Culture change.

Come see the culture change of Nepal! Use to be very traditional women stay home and the man runs the plow in the field of goes and kills for food, now the women can run the plow or go hunt for food. Also seeing a lot more art and Skateboarding as a sport.


The don't does of Nepal, it's extremely bad to kill someone. Also it's bad to steal farm animals and destroy peoples crops, or take their game that they killed.


Ever wanted to be treated with great respect? The elder people are treated with great respect. Also if a family has company over they get all the respect and the nice china and the better food if their is any. Family is very close to one another.