Howe's Happenings Week 11 2015-2016

German, ELA 9, and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

What did we do last week?

ELA 9 students started Term 2 by learning how to use our online databases, reviewing author's purpose, brainstorming important social issues, and researching an issue important to them. This week, we will continue examining magazine articles to identify author's purpose, central idea, effectiveness of text features, and bias. Students will also continue researching their social issues and prepare a survey to conduct primary research. Students will have class time each day to research and write. Magazine articles are due on 11/23.

Reading Acceleration began Term 2 by creating personal and academic goals for the term. We are continuing our independent reading and working with inferential questions and text mapping. Our first text this term is A Body in Motion. So far, we have been questioning through the text. This week, we will begin mapping the text. We will pair this text with an excerpt from the current Biology textbook.

German 1 students began Term 2 talking about their hobbies, likes, and dislikes. This week, we will discuss when we do our favorite activities and learn to describe the weather. Students will present their likes and dislikes poster on Friday. We take a free time test on Monday, November 23.

Term 2 Parent Teacher Conferences are Coming Up!

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 4pm

495 East Scripps Road


If you'd like to discuss your child's progress, please plan on attending Term 2 Conferences or send me an email/call to set up a different appointment.