Television... Just Buy It

By Eric HItch

Television is something every Nuclear family needs. Television is becoming more popular by the minute. My good friend Philo Taylor Farnsworth has spend has spent so much time perfecting his big project. Families that have television all say positive things about it. One thing for sure is that it brings families together because of the time they spend watching television. Everyone can own a television because of the price now starting to become lower. One thing I can tell you is the television is a easy product to use. Just hit the on button on the television and to change the channel hit another button. TV is not just a form of entertainment its a form of a new era.
I know some people may find television a waste of money or not needed, but let me tell you this. Television is not only a new big product that everyone wants or has but its a product that is going to shape our country for the long run. Who knows maybe we will eventually have a television that has the pictures come out of the television or a curved television... Come on lets be realistic that is not happening anytime soon.