Helen Keller

persented by Mateja

Her child hood

Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 on the 29th she became very sick when she got over the sickness she became deaf and blind. Her dad and step mom decided take her to perkins school because she wanted to learn how to speak. Her mom died when she was young

More about Helen Keller

Helens dad died in 1900 she learn how to speak and learned what she start people were saying. after her second speech people wanted to take her to a movie. She started a job in 1924 saying her speeches she raised $2,400. In 1924 she started a job, she wrote two books about he life. When she let her books out for sale she was really proud because she wanted people to know more about her life.

Her struggles were

she was blind and she was deaf so she struggled, but she learned how to talk. she learned how to talk and read and know what other people were saying, so she had a person to help her learn all of these things