They're running wild

By: Jajuan Blunt Per.3

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Their Habitat

They live in a number of areas

-mangroves, nipa palm areas, tidal mudflats

-found in freshwater,swamps, tidepools, mud (depending on the species)

What daily changes do they go through?

temperature-if the temp. gets too hot, the mud dries up (food supply goes low)

interrupted feeding-any small organism that moves, NO PLANTS, these creatures are specifically carnivores

wave action & tides-if the wave action gets to high, it could flood habitat/ if it gets low, could dry up

adaptations-constantly move between land and water/they expand the mouth to get their food

Mobile or sessile- it is mobile, moves by using fin

Take Out-using its mouth, it rapidly opens its mouth to suck in a lot of water (any prey that comes in with it)

Interesting Facts

Predators. Unusual Facts

-predators are lizards, fish, birds, and some humans

-when they open their mouths, they look like opera singers

-they are fish and they can live on land and in water