Guardians of the Galaxy

Defenders, Preservers, Stewards, and Emissaries

In what ways are guardians important to you? to humankind?

Mission: defend the planet from the greatest disasters and educate mankind to keep them from happening. Wanted: Guardians who are formidable and valiant against threats!

Up for Grabs...

Our classes are creating connections between fictional characters and real life guardians. Students are reading books identifying guardianship traits and characteristics of the protagonist. They are reflecting, examining, and posing questions while reading. Ask your student about the book they have chosen to read for this project. The final project will be a compare and contrast written submission. Students will complete this work in class.

YOU CUBED...a project based on the design and marketing of guardianship. Think guardianship in a box!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about GT newsletters or remind 101 app?

I send a newsletter at the beginning of the month; this month I am bit late. The Remind 101 app will be used to notify you of meetings and updates. I recently sent home a remind app code with the information on it to receive the updates.

What can we expect regarding homework for GT?

Each month students are responsible for a THINK TANK and NEWS TODAY submission; your student should have brought home a detailed information sheet on this. If not, I have added one to this newsletter. Your child should be reading their book, and reflecting in their composition notebook outside of our GT time.

How much outside work will my child have assigned in GT?

Our GT program requires very little outside of class work. If it is required, you will be made aware of it in advance. We encourage students to be independent investigators, curious for new knowledge, and creating learning for themselves.

GT Spring Trip Parent Meeting, DESTINATION:NASHVILLE

An information parent meeting is scheduled for November 10th, 6 pm, RGLMS

Monthly Assignment

Today’s News is Tomorrow’s History

Each month students are responsible for finding ONE current credible news article pertaining to: an event, invention, scientific discovery, political or cultural event, or artifact that impacts or could impact their world. Students need to understand the news article and be able to tell others about it with confidence. The news article must be handwritten or printed out from digital source or clipped from a journal, magazine, or newspaper. The source must be recorded and dated. It is of great importance that the student completes the research, but they are encouraged to discuss the news article with their family.

Your child’s Today’ s NEWS clipping is due Wednesday of the ____________________________week of the month.

Think Tank

Our think tank is designed for students to nurture their creativity. The think tank is an empty tank reserved for student’s input, ideas, and brainstorms. This is a platform meant to encourage divergent thinking and establish a safe place for students to communicate their ideas. These are to be submitted on a 3X5 notecard monthly or more often if needed. To submit they must include their name and class, as well as ask me to initial their card.

Your child’s Think Tank submittal is due Thursday of the ________________________week of the month.