Who is ready for a year of learning and fun?


Welcome new kids. You are coming from other schools and a local Joplin school. Fifth graders, you have so much to learn. We, the older children, welcome you to your new learning home with open arms and smiling faces. You are always welcomed. Don't forget to be a good friend!


We have lots and lots of rules here at east. For now i just want to discuss the dress code. My favorite rule. The dress code must cover the shoulders and knees, if you are to die your hair a different color it has to be normal, no pink, purple, blue, orange, neon green, green, neon yellow. Brown, blonde, black, normal red is acceptable, just be sure to not distract any one in class.

No cussing. Children frequently cuss each other out, Friendly like or not, it is not allowed. The principles will not care if your father/mother says it at home. No eff bombs at school! You will get 1-3 warnings then a write up and/or phone call home.

There is so much more rules but they all come in your planner. You write notes and assignments and chart stuff down in a planner. Its like a mini-callender for your every class.


The house is your learning center. There is the teal, orange, yellow, blue, and purple house. One seventh grade house is the Teal house. You go into the house your grade level attends and the teachers there have separate classrooms. Just like a normal house. Only, theres water fountains, teachers, the cave, classrooms, etc. Ten theres the awesome wobbly chairs. You can rock on them and not fall over, unless you go to far forward.