Francis Sumner

Date of Birth & Date of Death


December 7, 1895

Pine Bluff, Arkansas, U.S.


January 12, 1954

Washington D.C., U.S.

Age: 58

Personal Life

he received his education at Lincoln University and Clark University

He taught as a professor at Wilberforce University, Southern University in Louisiana, West Virginia Collegiate Institute, and Howard University

Sumner first married Francees H. Hughston in 1922, but ended in divorce

He then married Nettie M. Broker in 1946

He never had children

As a teenager without a high school education, he was able to pass an entrance exam to Lincoln University and graduate magna cum laude with honors

He was drafted into the army during World War I.

Sumner managed to publish several articles despite the refusal of research agencies to provide funding for him because of his color.

His Contribution to Psychology

He is primarily known for being the first African American to receive a PhD in psychology, Francis Sumner was also the first African-American to receive an earned doctorate in any American university