Help Stop Bullying Behavior

By: Days 1-4 Dr. Fishman Club 45

Stop Bullying

If you are a person who is seeing someone who is getting bullied, help that person out and tell the bully to stop what your doing. Don't just be alone, let others know and everyone can help just 1 person not get bullied. Together, we all can help and stop bullying behavior.

Bully Example

In an example, there is a bully, a victim, and a helper. The bully is named Nick, the victim is named Sara, and the helper is a parent. What happens is that Nick is bullying Sara and the parent comes in after the makes his move. In this example, you need to learn that anyone can be a helper and it could be you.

Help Everyone

Once again, if you see bullying behavior, help the victim and we all could stop bullying behavior