Arcade Showdown

Cosmos Arcade vs Playdium

New Arcades

2 new arcades just opened up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All of the residents are looking forward to visiting one of the arcades. Although, many of them are having trouble deciding on which arcade they should go to depending of their prices. Cosmos's Arcade has an entrance fee of $30.00 but the price per game is only $1.00. While the Playdium has an entrance fee of only $10.00 but you have to pay $2.00 per game on top of the entrance fee.

Linear Equations for both Situations

Cosmos Arcade

C = x + 30

Price Playdium

C = 2x + 10

Let C represent the total cost in dollars.
Let x represent the amount of games played.

Cosmos Arcade vs Playdium Graphed

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Table Of Values

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Conclusion and Significance

Even with all that information you don't know which arcade it going to cost you less to visit? Its okay. Here is a conclusion that will be sure to help you with your decision. You should visit Cosmos Arcade if you plan on playing more than 20 games. You should visit Playdium if you plan on playing less than 20 games. If you are planing to play only 20 games either option will give you the same price as both Arcades would cost $50.00 at 20 games. GO GO GO and get your first visit to Cosmos Arcade and Playdium! Hope you have a great experience.