Civil Rights Movement

The 10 Most Important Events

Brown v. Board Of Education

This court case in May of 1954 was monumental due to it's overriding of the Plessy v. Ferguson case. The Supreme Court ruled that segregation in public schools was unequal and therefore unconstitutional. This was a life changing event and caused many problems in the changing United States.

Central High School

In 1957 Orval Faubus, governor of Arkansas, directly challenged the governments' power and the rulings of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Faubus prevented black kids to enroll in Little Rock. Due to this unconstitutional event, President Eisenhower send U.S. troops to escort the kids to class.

Sweatt v. Painter

In 1950 the Supreme Court decided that professional schools for blacks failed to meet equality with white schools. This court case was a major factor in the Brown v. Board of Education ruling that schools can't be segregated.

March On Washington

August 28, 1963 200,000 met at the Washington Memorial to join the efforts for black rights. This is where the famous "I Have A Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr. comes from. This was one of the largest pushes towards black rights, eventually leading to equal voting opportunities and more social equality than ever seen.