First Grade is Fabulous!

April 2018, Room 3

Fundations and Grammar

We wrapped up our unit on our v-e unit , aka the Ninja E unit. We focused on how a silent e on the end of a word changes the vowel sound from a short vowel to a long vowel. We practiced spelling one syllable words with this word pattern.

We also began a new unit on syllables. We explored the differences between tapping out letter sounds and clapping out syllables. One is focusing on sounds and the other is focusing on breaking words apart and listening to the rhythm. Counting syllables is a valuable skill because it actually helps children spell words and listen to the sound chunks.

*Check out the videos below!


We began writing drafts and publishing our "All About," non-fiction books! YAY and Hallelujah! The children are working so very hard on these books and cannot wait to share them with you! These books are truly something you will treasure and enjoy.

Some of the topics the children felt like expert about were: slime, Little Big shots, sharks, Barbies, sisters, and rabbits. Each child expressed an interest in a unique topic which made these compositions so much more exciting and meaningful for each individual child. To make this extra special, the children are publishing their writing in hardcover books. It is a very exciting time in First Grade!

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Reader's Workshop

We continued meeting with our reading groups this month and worked on our Reader's Workshop centers. We had a lot of fun working on Spring based centers! We also focused on Read Alouds during our Snack-Story & Share time! The children really enjoy hearing stories read to them. Children NEVER outgrow this. Always remember, that as adults we are role models in many ways.... even as readers! Children watch us for expressions, tone, and rhythm when we read. This makes them into strong readers with a love of books!

Here is one of our favorite read alouds from the month! Check out the video below!


This month was SUPER exciting in Science! Early on in the month we received our Painted Lady caterpillars or larvae. We then transferred them to little cups with food. After our caterpillars ate and ate and ate, they began their metamorphosis by turning into a chrysalis or a pupa. After that I transferred the chrysalis into a butterfly net habitat. THEN THEY HATCHED. We wrote and observed our butterflies at every life stage. Then we released them on Friday, May 4th! Check out our Facebook page to see the release!
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Everyday Math

Monthly Skills:

  • Number stories
  • 2-D Shape identification
  • 3-D shape identifcation
  • Missing Addend solving
  • Attributes of Shapes
  • Time to the Hour
  • Doubles +1 Facts
  • Facts that make 10
  • 2 digit addition and subtraction
  • Writing number models

Some of Our Math Centers :

  • Salute! A card game
  • Shape Attribute Riddles
  • Attribute Roll Game
  • Name Collection Box Hunt

Check out the video about Salute below! Play it at home!

How to Play Salute: a math card game

Mrs. Menchu - First Grade Teacher

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME IN FIRST GRADE! I have taught Transitional Primary, second grade, third grade, fourth grade and preschool and have loved every level. I look forward to having a fantastic year with you and your child! Please reach out to me and do not hesitate to ask questions.
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