Lindsey Vonn

Withdraw From the Sochi Olympics

The Injury

Lindsey Vonn had an severe injury in Febuary of 2013 where she tore two ligaments and broke a bone in her right leg. She was wanting to make a comeback but after training in November and racing in December she was left with a sprained knee ligament, surgery would be needed and the gold medals she won 4 years ago would be impossible with these injury's.

The Hope

Lindsey Vonn had hope though the whole thing from the first major fall. Her crash in Febuary at the World Championships in Austria made everything go down hill. But after everything that happened all the torn muscles she made sure her fans knew (from social media) that she had hoped in going to the Sochi Olympics. But her return for Thanksgiving weekend was delayed because of another tear in her muscle. She returned the next week. But she knew that she could now not continue onto the games of the thought of getting another injury.

Bad News

With so many torn muscles, it was too difficult to stabilize the Lindsey Vonns knee she will be having surgery shortly and will make a full recovery before the 2014-15 World Cup season. But she would not be ready to go to the 2014 Sochi Olympics the fear of the injury's. She said "She will have surgery soon and be able to go to the World Championships next Febuary. And on a positive note she there's a spot for another teammate to go for the gold," and that she will be cheering for team USA!

Go USA!!

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