May Family Newsletter


Medication in the Nurse's Office

In the next couple weeks, anyone with medication in the Nurse's office will need to make arrangements to pick it up. Medication will not be sent home with a student. All medication needs to be picked up before the last day of school. Please call Nurse Annie if you have questions.

Teacher Appreciation Week

We celebrate our teachers and staff the week of May 8-12 for their dedication and hard work to our little Blue Jays! Please consider sending your child's teacher(s) a kind message sometime next week!

Dismissal Calls

Please call the office by 2:00 with any changes that are made to afternoon dismissal plans.

Book Fair

May 8-12 is a huge BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 FREE) sale with our Book Fair! Information will be sent home with your child about book fair visits.

Book Return

Check with your learners to see if they have returned their library books. Mrs. Bartel and Mrs. Rowe will send home notices if your child is missing any books.

Class Supply Lists

Class supply lists will be posted by the end of May on our webpage, FB page, and through email.

2023-2024 Enrollment and Teacher Assignments

If your child will not be returning to Marthasville in August, please call the office and let Cheryl know, along with a reason (moving, homeschooling, etc). Official class lists are not sent out until August, but we need a rough draft before leaving for summer vacation. If you know of any families who have either not enrolled their child(ren) yet, or are moving to our area for next school year, have them reach out to our office as well. Thank you!


If you ordered a yearbook, they will be delivered on May 22nd. We have switched picture companies, so next year we wil be able to offer yearbooks at a MUCH cheaper price! If your child did not get a yearbook, I will have autograph books for them!

Kindergarten Celebration

Doors open at 6:00 for the 6:30 program on May 11th.

Transfers/4th Grade- Need Updated Proof of Residency

If you are submitting a transfer request either to or from Marthasville, OR have a child entering 4th grade for the 23-24 School Year, you must send in an updated Proof of Residency. Please do this as soon as possible so Mrs. Brueggemann can update our records.

We are so close to the finish line! This month is packed with events and fun activities. MAP testing is nearly over and FastBridge assessments have started. I love seeing how much growth our students have made this year. We appreciate the ongoing support and partnership in your child's education! As always, if you ever have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out! You can call me, email, or message on our Facebook page. I am here to serve and lead with love and care.

Have an awesome MAY everyone!

Most Caring,

Mrs. Kristen Daffron


Marthasville Elementary

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Dr. Kephart Communication

Visit the district's homepage to view monthly communication from our Superintendent, Dr. Kephart.

Kephart Communications April 2023
Kephart Communications May 2023

PTG Meetings

PTG Meetings are held once a month at 6:00 (except January and May) in the conference room. We are always looking for new and fresh faces and ideas to support our school!

Here are the dates:

NO May Meeting

June planning meeting (TBD)

No July Meeting

PTG Meeting Minutes

Marthasville PTG Agenda April 24th, 2023

Attendance: Mrs. Daffron, Lea Welter, Cassy Timpe, Stacie Chapman, Elizabeth Voss

  • Call the Meeting to Order - 5:57pm

  • Approval of March 28, 2023 meeting minutes

    • 1st: Elizabeth

    • 2nd: Stacie

  • Approval of Financial Report

    • Ending month at $18,452 with $9,639 towards indoor climbing wall

    • Movie night profit was $199

    • Trivia night profit was $2720

    • Approval

      • 1st: Lea

      • 2nd: Cassy

  • PTG Yearly Nomination for Officers

    • Voting on New Officers

      • No new applications received

      • Treasurer - Elizabeth Voss

        • 1st: Cassy

        • 2nd: Stacie

      • President - Lea Welter

        • 1st: Cassy

        • 2nd: Stacie

      • Secretary - Stacie Chapman

        • 1st: Lea

        • 2nd: Elizabeth

      • Vice President - Cassy Timpe

        • 1st: Elizabeth

        • 2nd: Lea

    • Review/Update of Bylaws

      • Each officer must attend at least 50% of the meetings

      • Lists jobs of each officer

      • Terms are for 1 year beginning June 15 of one year and ends June 14 of the next year

      • Budget will be worked on after summer planning meeting

      • Change: “1A” update name to “Marthasville Elementary Parent Teacher Group, Inc”

      • Approval of changes and

        • 1st: Cassy

        • 2nd: Elizabeth

    • Nomination forms - 2 received back with parents who would like to volunteer

  • Fundraisers-

    • Movie Night- Movie: The Bad Guys

      • March 31, 2023 doors opened at 6pm, movie at 630pm

      • Profit was $199.54

      • Idea for next movie night: do it directly after school

    • Trivia Night

      • Profit was $3220

      • Comments/Pros/Cons

        • Attendance down - other events in the area on the same day

        • Speed of questions was better this year

      • Black Light Bingo instead of Trivia in January 2024?

        • People who were at the trivia night were asked about this and most people seemed to be interested and said they would like it

    • ATA Parents Night Out

      • Cassy is taking the lead.

      • Date: May 5, 2023

      • Cost is $20 per child (includes pizza), $14 of each that would be donated to the PTG. They keep $6 to help pay for the food.

      • They have been promoting it on facebook.

      • They have to register by Monday, May 1.

      • Spots available: 64

      • Age limit: K-6 grade

      • No information about a waiver to complete.

    • Craft Fair

      • Saturday, June 17th 2023

      • Indoor spots are $30, Outdoor spots are $25

      • We have about 15 vendors signed up currently

      • Someone to take the lead on a food truck/kona ice? Georges BBQ has not responded to any emails, calls or texts. Cassy will take the lead on finding food trucks. Will look into possibly the Fair Food truck, Taco Loco, Big Boys, Kona Ice, Daddy O’s.

      • Other advertisement avenues?

        • Will check and look to see the cost of advertising in the local newspapers. Cassy will ask Cindi Gladden about the cost of advertising in the Warren County Record.

        • Continue sharing on Facebook.

      • 6th grade working on getting an animal shelter/adoption at the craft fair - will likely put them under the outdoor classroom or in the shade down there.

  • Teacher Requests

    • Picnic Benches

      • Benches were repaired by the school district. Cost for PTG was $56.55. Check was given to Cheryl.

      • Shade is now over the tables.

      • This is all completed.

    • Field Trip for Music 4th grade

      • Mr Logan requested $220 for a bus for a field trip to the Symphony.

      • This was voted on via text and approved. Check was given to Cheryl.

  • Open Forum

    • Mrs. Daffron - can PTG build in budget for next year that could be used towards extra supplies that may be needed, especially for those teachers that aren’t designated grade teachers

  • Climbing Wall

    • Quotes

      • 8 panels with mats - $9,897

      • 10 panels with mats - $12,399

    • Goal is to get 10 panels, we will see where the budget is after the Parents Night Out and Craft/Vendor Fair

    • Still in process on this.

    • Currently fundraising for a climbing wall to be installed into the gym.

    • Looking into 8-10 panels with mats. Will work on getting a quote for 10 panels with mats.

    • Each panel is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

    • The mats lock up to cover the panels.

    • Each panel has 60 predrilled holes and 20 grips. The grips can be moved around to make it easier for beginners or harder for more advanced students.

    • Mrs. Daffron got us a grant that if we are a demo school, we get about a $500 discount on the price.

    • It is cheaper if the school district installs. They have installed these at the other schools.

    • Everything is covered under insurance.

    • Trivia night fundraising will go towards the climbing wall.

    • Goal to have ordered before the end of the school year or over summer.

  • May- teacher appreciation week is May 8-12

    • Will continue to share on facebook and try to get more participation.

    • Monday-Italian Day

      • Pasta

      • Salads

      • Garlic breads

    • Tuesday-Dip Day

    • Wednesday-Breakfast Day

    • Thursday-Snack Day

    • Friday-dessert day since it is Senior walk through day

      • Need a few non-chocolate choices

  • Close of Meeting - 6:53pm

  • Next Meeting: Summer planning meeting in June/July. Need to schedule.