La Fête d'Anniversaire de Manon

Join us for some Français fun

SimplyManon is turning 18 soon!

A once in a lifetime opportunity that will allow Manon to drink legally and acquire her drivers license! It will also be the time to become a woman and to share the womanly things for example advice and interest. It will be a night of friends and fun.

Juste Un Jour Pour JusteManon

Wednesday, Oct. 31st 2012 at 6:30pm

Hallignicourt, France

Hallignicourt, Champagne-Ardenne

Bring your own water bottle and towel because it's gun get buckwild in Hallignicourt! Bring yuh "A" game. There will be a water fountain but it will be outside (like in another shed) and there will be rain so it will be necessary to bring an umbrella it you need that.

Agenda of the fête

6:30-7:00 Awkward Silence

7:01-7:15 Minimal Dancing

7:16-7:19 Crying of the fille

7:20-7:30 Unscheduled free time

7:31-8:00 Musical Chairs (most likely ending in tears or anger)

8:01-8:20 Unsolicited dirty looks

8:21-9:00 Bad Dancing

9:00-9:14 French cake (which looks like meatloaf! YUM!)

9:15-9:30 We talk of John Adkins

9:31-9:32 The visit of Josh Groban

9:33-9:34 The tears from no Josh Grobaah

9:35-10:00 Q&A with Kathy Reichs (@KathyReichs)

10:01-10:30 Sharing of Tweets

10:31-10:35 La Chanson d'Au Revoir (Preformed by MusicIsMyDrug52 AKA SimplyManon AKA JusteManon AKA BidzinskiManon)

The contacts of Manon

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