The Wedding

Julia Wood

Problem Solving

Planning this wedding was like baking goods for a person with a severe allergy. You have to be completely careful what you put in it and have to plan properly or else it can be a major disaster. This is related because you have to plan carefully to accommodate both families and their religions. If you don't plan accordingly there could be a disaster between the two families in the middle of the wedding.


There are many fights between Israel and Palestine which caused the two families to not get along. They are having problems because they believe in different gods and governments. Israel was kicked out and Palestine moved in which resulted in Israel wanting to come back which caused conflict. Religion is a part of this argument because they both want the Holy Land of Jerusalem. The enduring understanding of this project was that people of Islam, belief in Judaism, and Christianity all believe in the same god and are fighting over the land. Islam believes the in the god named Muhammad, Judaism believes the profit hasn't come yet, and Christianity believes that he profit has already come and his name is Jesus Christ.

Transfer of Knowledge

The fights between land and religion are similar to my American Government class because we always have debates and don't agree on things. This is similar because the religions are fighting even though they all believe in the same god. They believe that they all deserve the land more than each other. Islam believes the in the god named Muhammad, Judaism believes the profit hasn't come yet, and Christianity believes that he profit has already come and his name is Jesus Christ.

Wedding Planner

I chose to be the wedding planner because I found I was actually interested in the questions I had to answer in this role.

Who will do the wedding ceremony, a Rabbi or an Imam?

The ceremony will be done by both a Rabbi and an Imam so both sides of the family will be happy with the customs that each religion does at the wedding.

Where is the wedding taking place (Israel/Palestine), and why is it taking place there?

The wedding will take place in Palestine because the bride wants to compromise certain decisions on the wedding and she thought the location was the top priority. Because she felt so passionately about where it should take place her husband agreed to marry in her home of Palestine.

What kind of security will you have at the wedding?

There will be regular security to make sure no uninvited guests attend the formal ceremony. Uninvited guests will take time away that is needed to complete all religious customs.

What are the details to the wedding, be sure they are appropriate for the region?

The wedding will take place in July on a beach off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It will be here because it's very hot in Palestine in the month of July and we can have people in the cold sand to cool them off. It is appropriate to the region because people always want to cool off when there is an extremely hot climate.

What restaurant should supply food for the wedding reception?

I think that both restaurants, the Kosher King and the Hummus Hut, should supply food to the wedding reception so that both religions have food that they are familiar too. Also both families that run the restaurants can be a part of their children's formal ceremony.

Create a list of topics that shouldn’t be discussed and be sure to include why.

  1. How many religious customs we do? There shouldn't be a number limit on how many customs we do as long as both sides of the family are happy with the final outcome of the ceremony.

5 Essential Questions

1) How have religious differences between Islam and Judaism caused conflict, see both perspectives!

The religious differences have caused conflict because the two religions never interacted until their children fell in love and now they are related by marriage. From the perspective of people who practice the religion of Islam they believe in Muhammad while Judaism believes in one god and celebrates bar mitzvahs and Passover. These differences are the reasons why we have borders separating many countries.

2) What is the reasoning behind border conflict between Israel and Palestine, both perspectives!

The reasoning behind border conflict between Israel and Palestine is that they have such different beliefs that they don't get along. Their different beliefs make they not get along very well. Because they don't get along, the border is necessary to stop acts such as terrorism. We want peace between countries, that's why we need the border between Israel and Palestine.

3) What are the causes and effects of American misconceptions regarding terrorism & American foreign policy in the Middle East see both perspectives!

People think terrorism only happens in foreign countries but it doesn't. Citizens of other countries than the United States may think they we are terrorist because we also have done things that the foreign countries have done. For instance, dropping bombs, the Unite States has dropped bombs on countries before such as Japan.

4) What is the significance of the Holy Land to all involved, again see both perspectives!

The significance of the Holy Land is that both sides, Israel and Palestine, both think that their way of life is the correct way. Because of this way of thinking we have a border between them. With the border comes a competition of who's land is bigger, who's "owns" West Bank, and which religion is metaphorically correct.
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