By Cassidy Cogin


A bat is a nocturnal, flying marsupial mammal. Some are Australian natives.

The scientific name for a bat is chiroptera. Bats are found in many places in Australia. It likes to live in tropical rainforests or in bushy trees. Bats have pointed noses, and can be as small as a rat or as big as a cat. Flying foxes are a type of bat. Bats can be from coloured greyish or brownish. Bats have strong claws that are able to grip onto trees. As bats have babies their babies drink milk from their mothers. Baby bats hold on tight to their mother with sticky claws because bats can fly and hang upside down to sleep.As babies grow a couple months older they start eating small insects and animals. When babies grow out of that stage they eat seeds, nectar, fish, fruit and orchid fruits. There are over a thousand types of bats, such as the golden horseshoe bat, the bent wing bat and the fruit bat.

The three main predators of bats are snakes, crocodiles and other bats. Their rainforest environment is being destroyed so that trees can get chopped down to make paper.

Bats are the only flying mammal.