LS-H Middle/High School Newsletter

September 10, 2020

Principal's Corner

Good Afternoon LS-H Middle/High School Families,

Thank you for a great first two days of the 2020-2021 school year! Our Hybrid students have done a wonderful job getting acclimated to our new health and safety procedures and our Distance Learning students have demonstrated outstanding participation in their classes. We remain committed to engaging our students in high quality learning opportunities and building meaningful relationships between students and staff. Please review the updates contained in this newsletter and contact us with any questions you might have.

Our guidance counselors are available for student support, classroom teachers are available for course specific questions, and our office staff can answer general questions or help connect you with the appropriate staff member at LS-H Middle/High School.

Thank you for your flexibility and partnership as we begin the school year in the Hybrid scenario.

Go Giants!

Brian Thorstad


Le Sueur-Henderson Middle/High School

Picture Day Reminder

LS-H school pictures will be taken by Strawbridge Studios beginning this year and an additional picture day has been added to ensure all students are able to have their photo taken on their in-person hybrid day. Extended hours are being provided to provide Distance Learning students to have their photo taken as well.

  • September 10: Gold Day (During School)
  • September 14: Blue Day (During School)
  • September 14: Distance Learning (3:15-6:00 PM)
  • October 9: Picture Retakes

Mask Distribution

  • Masks were distributed to all Blue cohort students in 7th period classes on September 9.
  • Masks will be distributed to all Gold cohort students in 7th period classes on September 10.
  • All students will receive one cloth mask and three disposable masks.

1st Week Schedule Reminder

  • On Friday, September 11th, Blue cohort students will attend school in-person and Gold/Distance Learning Only students will attend school virtually.
  • All students will follow the Hybrid Daily Schedule on Friday, Sept. 11.

Middle and High School - "At A Glance"

It is important for all parents and students to have a clear, simple way to check when live sessions are scheduled for each class and when assignments are due. We have created "At A Glance" documents that will provide a snapshot of live sessions and assignment due dates for students and parents to refer to throughout the year. These documents will be updated on Monday mornings and will contain all information for each week. This will allow students to plan their weekly schedule around the live sessions required by each teacher.

Middle School: A grade level "At A Glance" document will be posted on the LS-H Middle/High School website. Watch for these documents to be posted by Monday, Sept. 14th at 9:00 AM.

High School: "At A Glance" documents will be posted on all Google Classroom pages by 9:00 AM on Monday mornings. Students are expected to check each of their classroom pages to create their schedule each week.

Off Site/Distance Learning Attendance Expectations

All distance learning and hybrid students who are off-site must take their own attendance by 10:00 AM each day. Students should log into their Student Portal (Infinite Campus) to indicate they are present for the school day. Please review Virtual Attendance Directions below for more specific information about how to submit your Virtual Attendance.

Automated Infinite Campus calls will be provided to parents/guardians when their child has been marked absent. Please remember that automated calls will include students who may have forgotten to enter their Virtual Attendance on any school day they are off-site or Distance Learning. Parents/guardians are asked to contact Pam Mediger at (507) 665-5801 or to resolve any attendance issues that may arise.

Infinite Campus Attendance Issue

  • We are aware that some students have experienced difficulty entering their Virtual Attendance on the first two days of school.
  • We will resolve unexcused absences in Infinite Campus when the problem has been corrected.
  • Students should continue to enter their Virtual Attendance and contact the MS/HS Office if they are unable to enter Virtual Attendance on the Student Portal.

Thank you for your patience with this matter.

Distance Learning Materials

Families who have elected Distance Learning for the 2020-2021 school year may call the office at (507) 665-5800 to arrange a time to pick up their textbooks and other learning materials needed for Semester 1 classes during regular office hours (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM).

Distance Learning Deadline

All students who have elected Distance Learning will have until Sept. 25, 2020 to submit their request to move into Scenario 1 (In-Person) or Scenario 2 (Hybrid) at LS-H Middle/High School. After this date, students who have elected the Distance Learning will be required to remain in that learning scenario until the end of Semester 1. Please contact Ms. Undeberg or Ms. Al-Sattam (MS/HS Guidance Counselors) for support.

Food Service Update

  • We are pleased to announce that funding through the USDA has been extended to provide free meals to LS-H students through Dec. 31, 2020 or until USDA funds expire.
  • Students will still be required to pay with cash or their lunch accounts for al a carte food items.
  • Hybrid learners are able to pick up 3 day meal packs on Mondays and Tuesdays after school in the Commons.
  • 3 day meals meal packs are intended to provide meals for students on their off site and distance learning days each week.
  • Distance Learning Only students are invited to pick up a 5 day meal pack on Friday, Sept. 11th from 3:00-4:00 PM in the LS-H Middle/High School Commons.
  • The 5 day meal pack is designed to provide Distance Learning students will meals for Sept. 14-18, 2020.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Justin Craig, Food Service Director, to our LS-H Giant school community. Feel free to contact Mr. Craig at with any questions about our food service programs.

LS-H Middle/High School Lunch Menu - September 2020

LS-H Middle/High School Breakfast Menu - September 2020

Advisory Update

We are pleased to add an Advisory period for all LS-H Middle/High School students this year. This required class will meet each Friday from 9:30-9:50 AM while in the Hybrid or Distance Learning scenarios. Advisory will provide an opportunity to support a positive school culture, create peer connections, connect each of our students with a trusted adult, and provide academic support.

Advisory classes will meet for the first time on Friday, September 18th at 9:30 AM. Advisory classes will not meet on Sept. 11. Please feel free to contact your child's advisor should you have any questions.

Updated Minnesota Department of Health Decision Tree

Daily Schedules for Hybrid and Distance Learning

Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal

Please refer to the following document to assist with logging into and updating information on Campus Portal. The "forgot username" and "forgot password" features on our district's Campus Portal can also be used if you are having difficulty logging in. Further support can be found by contacting the LS-H Middle/High School Office at (507) 665-5800 or by sending an email to

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Middle/High School Contact Information

Brian Thorstad, Principal (507) 665-5803

Jeff Christ, Dean of Students/Activities Director (507) 665-5804

Pam Mediger, Attendance Secretary (507) 665-5801

Gillian Wychor, MS/HS Secretary (507) 665-5802

Christy Smykalski, Activities/Counseling Secretary (507) 665-5805