Gender and Identification

exploration of a young aged male.


I am an athlete at joliet west high school. I play football and throw in track. I am a son of a mom and a dad and also a brother to my brother. I feel as if I am a very educated athlete who always tries to push myself over the limit. I am a role model to my brother in a way because i try to make sure he stays out of trouble and countinue doing well in school. I try to maintain my status as a good kid to my parents by having good grades and staying out of trouble. I feel that me as a student-athlete of Joliet West High School is very important because it shows that i stay in school and being involved with sports.


I am a male who attends Joliet West HIgh School and plays on the school teams. I am judged on my gender based on sports performance and there are more challenges that I have to face. I feel that me being a male on the football team has alot more preasure and alot more expectations are held on me. I have to prove to others of what I am capable of doing and also proving that i have leadership of my team. Being a leader to the team also makes me straghten my dedication and commitment to the team.



i believe that ohers in twelve night viola is similar to me because we both are doing what we need to do to succeed. were differnt because she has no choice and is doing it for money while i have an oppurtinity and can be myself while being what i want to be.


A similarity between myself and viola...

A difference is...