5 Themes of Geography Austin

By: Molly McComb

#1 Location

Absolute Location

The absolute location of Austin Texas is 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W.

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Relative Location

Austin is located in the middle of Texas, 2 hours north of San Antonio, 3 hours south of Dallas, and 3 hours west of Houston.

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#2 Place

Austin is located in South Central Texas in the Hill Country. The Colorado River flows through the heart of the city, creating a series of lakes that stretch for more than 100 miles. Austin's climate is subtropical with an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. Summers are hot; winters are mild. Most precipitation falls in the form of rain in late spring and early fall.

Area: 258.43 square miles

Average temperatures: January, 50.1° F; July, 84.3° F; annual average, 68.6° F.

Average Annual Precipitation: 31.35 inches

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#3 Region

Physical Region

Austin is nestled between the Costal Planes region of Texas and the Central Plains region.

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Cultural Region

Austin has a laid back culturally rich environment. Since Austin is the live music capital of the world, people from around the world flock to Austin to experience the laid back and exciting culture.

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Economic Region

Austin is located in middle to higher economic region. The average regional payroll has increased by $9.9 million since 2004. The average unemployment rate has decreased significantly since 2008.

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Political Region

Austin is a Democratic City in a Republican state.

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#4 Movement

Austin is a very heath-consious and high-tech environment. There are over 100 miles of trails throughout Austin. Austin is renowned for its Town Lake complete with miles of hike and bike trails where joggers, walkers and cyclists can be found at any hour of the day. Austin leaders have partnered with numerous developers, organizations, and citizen groups to help protect and preserve the Austin environment.

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#5 Human Environment Interaction

Austin is very conscious about the city's effect on the environment. There are many programs including water and energy conservation, electronic equipment recycling, watershed protection, many "Green" homes and several organizations dedicated to helping sick or injured animals.

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