Joan of Arc

By:Joselyn bravo 3rd period


Jeanne d’Arc or as known “Joan of Arc” was born in Domremy-la-Pucelle-France,1412.She lived with both parents Isabelle Romee,Jacques d’Arc and her 3 brothers and 1 sister.Their names were Jacquemin,pierre,jean and catherine.Jeanne was raised by her parents and she went to “ ST Cecilia Catholic School”.She was raising the farm as well and was thought domestic skills by her mom.At age 13 she started hearing voices in her head even God.Which god told her that she has to help the french win over english.She kept on hearing those voices for the next five years.So at age 18 she dressed as another man in a military suit.She was a divine guidance that led the french to victory over the English army during the “Hundred years War”.She was a very brave,full of hope,religious,and unique women who was chosen by god to inspire the french that they could win over the British.In 1430 she was captured by Burgundian as she was about to defend her hometown.She went to french court for her crimes for a 14 month trial.In may 30 ,1431 she died by getting burned in rouen,france.She was only 19 years old who inspired her hometown to win over the English and she was burned to death.

“I was born to do this”

She said..