Mackenzie Cox


"A renaissance and rebirth." The season after winter and before summer in which vegetation begins to appear.


  • Butterflies
  • Any small. soft, caressable animals announce the arrival of Spring.

In this display, the colors are warm and pastel like. The bike with the baskets of blooming flowers represent warmer weather. The Butterflies used show the "bloom" of spring as a whole with caterpillars turning into butterflies along with trees and flowers blooming.

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"April showers bring May flowers."

  • Umbrellas
  • Glimpses of rain

Rain is thought of when the Spring season arrives. With this, Umbrellas are used to show that the clothes can be kept safe from the showers. Again, pastel colors are used. There is also flowers and even rain drops that enhance the feel and look of Spring.

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Plants and the Color Green

Green is bursting all over with trees budding ready to bloom.

  • Planting
  • Garden and lawn equipment (watering cans)

Everything blooms during the Spring time, so green is a popular color to signify this. The plants say "springtime". There are watering cans that promote the idea of being able to garden now that winter is over. The text on the window even states "Plant Great Ideas."

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Window Display

The final window display contains different aspects that represent springtime. The pastel colored flowers, branches, light blue skies, and watering can all enhance the idea of spring.
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