Kasco Marine at Grainger Show 2013

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Kasco Marine: Solutions for natural and industrial waters…

Kasco has been serving the water management industry for over 4 decades. Our products are used in recreational ponds and lakes, marinas, farms, and both municipal and industrial wastewater.

Our website has a full offering of specification sheets, owners, manuals, as well as photos and testimonials at www.kascomarine.com.

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Decorative Aerating Fountains

VFX and JF Models - Used to create a beautiful and relaxing display while improving water quality to fight stagnation. Some of the clients using our decorative, aerating fountains are with hotels, casinos, resorts, churches, hospitals, assisted living, golf courses, neighborhoods, and personal ponds on farms and in the landscape.

High Volume Surface Aerators

AF Models -These units are used to de-gas and add oxygen content to huge amounts of water in an aggressive, energy-efficient process. Some industries that are currently utilizing high volume surface aeration are food processing, fracking water processing, farm lagoons, fire ponds, fish farms, paper processing, and municipal wastewater.

Directional Circulators-

CF Models -Large volumes of water are entrained for directional mixing. The motor is mounted on a float horizontally, or on a dock mount. Either of these mounting options are adjustable to use a s a custom tool for your application. Marinas commonly use these to freshen water behind floating walkways and to push debris to a concentrated cleanup point. Circulators are also used in tank mixing applications for industry and water plants: dye, chlorine, algaecide, etc.

Diffused Aeration

Robust-Aire Systems – Robust-Aire uses a compressor system to deliver air to the bottom of deeper ponds and lakes. These systems use the rising of the air bubbles to transfer bottom water to the surface. There is no more efficient way to mix deep water than Robust-Aire. Useful in larger and deeper ponds and lakes.

Macrozyme Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria help to digest sludge and eliminate odors from ponds by digesting organic material and consuming nutrients. Dry form bacteria can be stored up to two years. Safe for humans, fish, and wildlife. No irrigation restriction.