How effective is yours?

How good is your feedback?

Go through the questions below to to identify how good your feedback to learners is.

  1. Do you have a standard across your area where you have agreed to return marked work, with feedback, within a certain time frame. Do you achieve this? Do students know what it is?
  2. Do you provide feedback on both summative and formative work and on homework and tasks set in class? How do students receive this feedback and do they understand when they are getting feedback? How do you know whether students have responded to feedback you have given?
  3. Do you provide feedback on aspects of English and maths within vocational or technical course work? How do students respond to this feedback and make progress? Do you provide opportunities for students to act on feedback on SPaG within your vocational learning?
  4. Does your feedback inform the student of what they need to do to improve their work and achieve a higher grade? Is it personalised to them? How do you follow up and make sure students have responded to this feedback? Do you use the SIR feedback loop? (point out Strengths,Improvements that can be made – and does the student evidence how they will Respond to this feedback?)
  5. What areas of good practice can you offer in the area of feedback?
  6. What are your priorities for improving the timeliness and quality of student feedback?

Assessment for Learning - examples on the Pass it on Site

Technology to assist the giving of feedback


Using this Google add on, You can provide feedback on specific parts of a document in the form of audio clips.

To find out more click here.

Google classroom - take the hassle out of managing formative assessment

Google classroom takes the hassle out of managing formative assessment, teachers create assignments, student create and submit their assignments, tutors provide formative feedback in the form of comments and then return it the learners.

Gain access to "how to guides and videos" click here


This Google drive tool allows you to record video feedback for leaners, or generate flipped lesson materials for them.

Find out more here including a video walk through. click here

Share your good practice

Have you good examples of how you give feedback that you would be happy to share, please drop me an email: