General Surgeon

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Overview of Career

Perform operations in surgery that heals patients in the abdominal region

What do you need to succeed

Helpful high school courses: Human Anatomy, Physcology and Physiology

Bachelors Degree in Pre-Med (4)

Medical School (4)

General Surgery Residency Program (5)

Costs of Education

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee- $9,430 per year

University of Wisconsin, Madison Medical School- $23,807 per year

Totals: $132,948

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -$37,720

University of Wisconsin, Madison Medical School- $95,228

Cost of Living (estimated)

Housing: $28,000

Food: $6,000

Gas: $1,000

Clothing: $4,000

Total: $39,000

Student loans and scholarships for both college and Medical school

Have part time job during summer and before college

Total Expenses

Total 8 years: $171,948

Associations and Organizations

F.A.C.S. - American College of Surgeons

American Medical Association

Pros and Cons


  • High Wages
  • Help People
  • Meet People

  • Long weeks
  • Long schooling

Job Advertisment

General surgeons repair and heal patients in surgery. They work in hospitals and clinics indoors, education requirements include getting a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine and going to medical school. General surgeons national average salary is $166,400.