Building Society

Building for fun and to help the community.

What's the point of this then?

Building society exists for several reasons, it's a chance to:

  • Develop your virtual world and building skills.
  • Work on projects that contribute to the whole community.
  • Get to know and spend time with other students.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 1.

We generally meet on gchat before heading to the virtual world

Some of our previous projects

  • Do I need to know how to build? - Not at all, we have people joining at all levels and it's a good opportunity to learn some building skills.
  • Can I make X? - While it is possible to build anything during this time we often have a larger project that everyone is contributing to that is useful to the community such as the Maths building.
  • Do I need to come every week? - While it's great to have people coming regularly the club is optional and you don't have to attend every week.